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Blagoevgrad – the old name is Gorna Dzhumaya – or a local language called Dzhumaya. It is located near the Struma River and crosses the river Bistritsa. The high Rila massifs protect the town from the northern winds. Due to the large number of students (partly due to the American University in the city), its cross-country geography, nature and a number of social factors, the city has a relatively well-developed economy. There are many shops for clothing, cafes and restaurants. Blagoevgrad is famous for its beautiful center made of marble. The natural surroundings of the city are the mild climate, the proximity of the mountains and many parks and gardens. Blagoevgrad is rich in cultural landmarks. Of particular interest in cultural terms is the Varosha neighborhood with its unique Revival architecture, the Historical Museum, the Church of the Presentation of Virgin Mary and many other sights that make it a favorite place for tourists and citizens of the city.